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3ROPE dormitory

Our student house is equipped to comfortably accommodate approx. 15 people. We have 7 rooms available on four floors, of which two are quadruple, one is triple, the other two are double. Upon special request, we can have a room for just one person.

Full bathrooms and half-baths are located on the ground floor, first and second floor. A room on the first floor has a large terrace, and two rooms on the second floor share one as well.
On the first floor, there is also a kitchen with a dining room.
Available to the residents, there are also a washing machine, dryers, refrigerators, wireless internet 6MB, a "game room" and a garden.

The student dormitory is in the very centre of Krakow. Below you can find a list of the distances (by public transportation) to some main points:

  • Main train/bus station                                   5min

  • Main Square                                                     8min

  • AGH                                                                 15min

  • Politechnika Krakowska                                5min

  • Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny                         15min

  • Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny                          10min

  • UJ (Centrum)                                                 10min

  • Airport                                                            30min

  • BETEL                                                             10min

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