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Christian Art Workshop - TiM 

TiM is a Christian artistic group. The name comes from the words "Theater and Music". TiM workshops give you the opportunity to develop your acting and music talents in a group that collectively creates various plays and performances organized by Bethel Baptist Church and 3Rope Foundation.


Our goal

in this artistic endeavor is to serve God and show others His truth, which is reflected in the theme of our performances.

TiM meetings

usually take place twice a month (on Saturdays), and for larger productions once a week (alternately on Saturday and Thursday). As part of the classes, we all—both young and old—improve our acting and music skills and prepare ourselves for upcoming shows and character roles.

TiM meetings in 2020

  • 22.02

  • 07.03

  • 21.03

  • 04.04

  • 11.04




regardless of age, can belong to TiM. What's more, those who don’t consider themselves artistically inclined are also welcome - we will do our best to find something for everyone who is willing to devote his time to being an active part of this group. For example, if you do not feel comfortable acting on stage, you could be involved in other necessary work behind the scenes:  making props, painting them, preparing the scenery, controlling lights or soundboard, etc.


is constantly working on upcoming smaller and larger performances, so it is possible to take a short-term part in only one project or to stay on with us for a longer time :)


It is important

however, to take this commitment seriously when joining the group and to be consistent in attendance and preparation.

TiM is open to people outside Bethel Baptist Church as well. If you are interested in joining TiM or just want to learn more, please contact:


Take a look

at the results of one of our last joint efforts:
Christmas Production 2019 - (Un)prepared for Christmas

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