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3ROPE Foundation was launched by Bethel in 2009 to provide support for various ministries Bethel is engaged in. The author of the ‘three-rope rule' is King Solomon--one of the most powerful ancient kings. Solomon (like few of us) had the opportunity, time, and ability to study the recesses of the human soul. He understood that the support of a close friend in time of difficulty and trial allows one to endure and even triumph. Support is something that, after all, one cannot not attain while being alone.
In difficult moments we count on the discretion of people with whom we share our problems; we limit ourselves to one or two trusted friends. This group of three makes a strong "support group,” but is not yet crowded. Many find it much easier to open up in such a group. More...


Summer day camp

Every year we organize and run a summer day camp for children. The camp is held in a public park in order to reach as many as possible with the gospel message. More...


Our student house is equipped to comfortably accommodate approx. 15 people. We have 7 rooms available on four floors, of which two are quadruple, one is triple, the other two are double. More...

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Actors Rehearsing


TiM to chrześcijańska grupa artystyczna. Nazwa pochodzi od słów "Teatr i Muzyka".
TiM daje możliwość, by rozwijać swoje talenty aktorskie i muzyczne oraz współtworzyć różnego rodzaju przedstawienia i występy organizowane przez Kościół Betel i Fundację 3Rope. More...

Kids Blowing Bubbles
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